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Flooring Renovation Tools: A Simple Guide

September 7, 2023

a bunch of tools ready for a floor renovation

Welcome to Rentco‘s flooring renovation tool guide, where we detail some of the equipment you may need to execute a clean flooring transformation. 

When it comes to revamping your living space, flooring renovation can transform a room, adding elegance and functionality. But before going about installing or refinishing flooring, you need the right flooring renovation tools to achieve the best results.

Sample Floor Renovation: A Transformative Journey

Here is a sample floor renovation, exploring the tools and techniques that make such transformations possible.

Basement Floor: Grinding for a Solid Foundation

In the basement of a cozy home, a renovation project is underway to create a welcoming space. The existing concrete subfloor poses a challenge; it needs to be transformed into an ideal surface for laying tiles. The essential tool for this task is a floor grinder. With its rotating discs embedded with abrasive materials, the floor grinder removes imperfections and levels the surface, ensuring a solid foundation for the new tiles. 

Safety gear such as goggles and a dust mask are also essential to protect against debris during the grinding process. This step is crucial before you install new tiles to make sure that they adhere properly and the floor remains durable over time.

Main Floor: Sanding for Renewed Elegance

Upstairs, on the main floor of the house, the focus is on breathing new life into the hardwood floors. Over the years, wear and tear have taken their toll, and the once-stunning wood floors have lost their luster. The solution is a comprehensive sanding and refinishing process. 

Sanders take center stage here, working to eliminate scratches, dents, and unevenness. The sanders help a smooth canvas that is ready for a fresh layer of varnish. In addition to sanders, you’ll need floor strippers to remove any old adhesive or materials before refinishing.

Selecting the Right Tools for Your Project

Although the example above showcases how grinders and sanders can be used, every project requires a tailored approach. Assessing the type of existing flooring/materials, their condition, and the desired outcome of the new flooring will help determine the right tools for the job. From worn hardwood to dull concrete, the condition of your floor guides your tool selection.

Renting Tools for Flooring Renovation

Renting tools is a cost-effective and space-saving solution. At Rentco, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality flooring tools for rent. This allows you to access the precise tools needed for your project without the burden of ownership or storage.

Our extensive inventory caters to diverse needs, ensuring your renovation is both smooth and successful. Our knowledgeable staff stands ready to guide you through tool selection. They understand the nuances of each tool, enabling you to make informed decisions that lead to exceptional results. Rentco is more than a rental service; we are your partners in achieving flooring perfection.

Rentco – Helping You Craft Excellent Floors with the Right Tools

In the world of renovation, floors form the basis of transformation. With the right tools, you can craft a space that radiates elegance and beauty. From grinders to polishers, each tool plays an important role in making sure that your floors are installed or refinished correctly. 

Choose wisely and remember, Rentco not only provides the tools but also the expertise to bring your flooring dreams to life. Explore our range of flooring renovation tools, including options to rent sanders, and take your project to the next level. 

When you’re ready to begin, reach out to us and place a request to rent flooring tools, and we will help turn your vision into reality.