Environment Protection Policy

Rentco’s Commitment to Responsible Practices

At Rentco Equipment Ltd (including Bobcat of the Peace and Rentco’s Tool Shed), we handle a range of potentially hazardous materials daily, including fuel, oil, cleaners, batteries, and sediment, to meet the diverse equipment needs of our valued customers. Our conscientious management of these materials and their by-products, prioritizing the safeguarding of our environment and local communities is important to us. As a result, Rentco is invested in the implementation of practices designed to mitigate environmental impacts and adhere to Federal, Provincial, and local regulations.

Our approach encompasses a series of strategic actions, including the containment of potentially hazardous materials, strategic investments in low emission rental assets, treatment of wash bay run-off and waste, and the responsible disposal or recycling of items such as oil, filters, fluids, tires, batteries, and shop waste.

Environmental Surcharge

In accordance with federal and provincial environmental regulations, as well as our commitment to fostering a clean environment, Rentco Equipment Ltd levies an “Environmental Surcharge” on rentals and specific parts and labour. Items such as oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, filters, batteries, tires, fluids, paint, and labour will have a 1.9% environmental service charge applied to them.  The intent of this charge is twofold: to ensure compliance with regulations governing hazardous waste and products, and to actively contribute to the maintenance of our environment. It’s important to note that the Environmental Surcharge, which amounts to 1.9% of the rental and specific item environment fee, is not a government-mandated fee.

By agreeing to the terms of the Rental and Service Agreement, our customers acknowledge that items specified within the agreement are subject to the Environmental Surcharge, and they consent to the payment of this fee.

This fee structure plays a pivotal role in offsetting a diverse range of environmental-related risks and expenses, both direct and indirect, that arise from the operations of our rental fleet. Some of the critical areas covered by this fee include:


  • Recycling of oil, tires, and batteries
  • Design and operation of cleaning facilities
  • Thorough treatment of wash bay run-off and waste
  • Safe handling of fuel and fluids
  • Responsible waste disposal practices
  • Compliance with governmental reporting and licensing requirements
  • Purchase of environmentally friendly equipment
  • Allocation for administrative costs


Rentco Equipment Ltd is resolute in its commitment to maintaining sustainable practices and upholding our environmental responsibility. Your partnership with us in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.